Premature Ejaculation

A premature ejaculation may affect men of any age and there is an opinion that this sexual disorder is possible only in young men with little sexual experience. But this is completely not true.

On the basis of data of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems a “premature ejaculation” diagnosis may be diagnosed only in men whose disorder is not connected with a prolonged absence of the sexual activity.

According to many clinical studies men with premature ejaculation have the sexual intercourse by 3-4 times lower than in the healthy men. This involves a dissatisfaction of both partners, complexes of the man, lack of self-confidence, unsociability and appearance of problems in the personal life.

The premature ejaculation is an independent disease. In most cases it is impossible to find out a cause because oftentimes attendant factors contains several conditions/causes: absence of the proper experience, psychological factors, new sexual partner, hormonal imbalance, genetics passing from generation to generation, inflammatory diseases of the urinary system, and others.

Depending on the cause of the premature ejaculation the man is prescribed a corresponding treatment. The treatment may be divided into two groups: medicated and non-medicated.

The non-medicated treatment of the premature ejaculation consists in the use of the different methods and exercises which are directed to the weakening of the penis sensitivity and also prolongation of the sexual intercourse. The main peculiarity of this method is a participation of the woman. If the woman learns to feel sensations which appear in the man before ejaculation, the premature ejaculation may be prevented by means of the reduction of the stimulation of the penis.

There are also special creams anesthetics which weaken a sensitivity of the nerve endings of the penis and so the man can prolong the sexual intercourse.

The more effective method to increase the duration of the sexual intercourse is a medicated treatment of the premature ejaculation. Usually men are prescribed special tablets which influence on the transfer of the impulses from the penis to the brain. Impulses which bear information about the coming ejaculation to the brain are just blocked on some stage and this way they do not reach the brain. As it is the brain that controls all processes the ejaculation does not happen in the man.

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